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The Sunworld Hotel (Beijing Songhe Dajiudian) grants guests convenient access to top Beijing sights including the Forbidden City and Tian'anmen Square.
On offer at this Beijing hotel are accommodations equipped with central air conditioning,  mini refrigerators,  satellite TVs and safes.
Diners can enjoy hot pot,  Japanese dishes as well as a buffet full of international flavors.[View Detail]

住客评论 1127条评论     4.4分/5分 更多
  • bilaifu
    Service is attentive, and is close to the Wangfujing Street, shopping is convenient to eat!
  • Midpad
    That's good
  • liuxingcanglang
    You can also, more convenient transportation, but a bit old
  • iamwmj
    From hotel of location view, walk to Metro station about to 5 minutes around, away from Wangfujing Street more near 100 meters around, room inside clean health, clean, size suitable, also intimate to to room inside sent to has fruit. hotel opposite has small supermarket, shortcut fast food, also has a celebrates Feng bun Pu, room in also equipped with a Taiwan air purification device, this is a surprise. but toothbrush too poor has, bargains. breakfast varieties not more, but Beijing of five-star hotel earlyMeals do not have many varieties,
  • yuren2001
    Hotel room is too small and poor
  • freeperson163
    This is! six! with a fall
  • ealon
    Have lived here has been on a business trip, and habits around food shopping and car, unfortunately hotels start aging, also has a faint musty carpet, maybe next time he'll have to choose another hotel
  • elysia0526
    Good in every way.
  • ivanyt
    Around Wangfujing, very well, is to take a taxi is not easy
  • Cassino
    Very general
  • amydora
    Hotel beds very comfortable, love, good location, convenient.
  • ddttraining
    Hotel long, health is good
  • sallyyan2010
    Each preferred SONGHE hotel
  • sdfgg
    Hotel comfortable environment, convenient transportation, facilities are complete
  • abc1010345
    It wasn't too bad,
  • ronnyduan
    Old hotel, you can also travel, convenient
  • doremedoctor
    Very good, satisfactory
  • manman0919
    Moderate breakfast, good location
  • ifollowu
    Other agreements the hotel has no room to choose here. breakfast variety, old facilities, location was convenient.
  • wulong1999
    Hotel lobby a good environment, but the room was a bit dark, decoration is a bit old and travel convenience, close to Wangfujing Street, hotel reception closing speed is too slow.
  • E00045195
    Which is very nice
  • Allen Li
    Price OK near Wangfujing, services in General.
  • tina629
    Old hotel
  • bluce_dong
    Convenient location with first-class health service line is also aging facilities at points but just sleep not much easy to clean just
  • xiaotaiyang1
    Good, clean,
  • dna2002
    Services are generally
  • gdeagle
    Instead of friends book, it should be good!
  • e03215828
    Hotel location excellent, out of 3 minutes is Wangfujing Street, across the road from qingfeng bun store and many restaurants, hotel buffet breakfast is good, basic enough for four stars.
  • dmlljblmd
    Room was clean, the service was excellent, close to the Wangfujing Street, around there are lots of delicious food!
  • Laury
    Good! environmental aspects can be!
  • lpp326321
    Not as good as pictures, small house, the traffic is OK
  • aodegy
    Hotel location is very good, in the Wangfujing pedestrian street North exit, visit shopping convenience. also very convenient travel around. waiters very friendly. will be admitted in the future, also to your friends.
  • dear_lena
    Really of can said is very of garbage, room has is serious of waste taste and the smell, for has room also is so. corridor No phone signal, room within also very weak, need open Windows, will head stretch to window only line. not carefully lost has ID in hotel, call to find, 40 minutes only to reply, said very thanks, about good night to took. open has fast a hours car to has hotel, does notification I to I second days again to, also is I very insisted, only agreed help I to AssociationAdjustable, let me wait at the front desk, nor does it give me time, said aunt didn't tell them that time. I wondered, poor attitude at the front desk asked me why I didn't keep it, I just took.
  • jayseejay
    Hotel location excellent, close to Wangfujing Street, very convenient, supermarkets and restaurants are situated just across the road to buy some things very convenient, hotel staff very friendly. I came to Beijing to live the preferred and recommended
  • musen
    Lots super high cost of hotels in Wangfujing, a bit old facility, but overall very clean. front desk service is also very good, hotel sports facilities at its best, which is able to add one more treadmill good. breakfast choice can add something better.
  • lxp0931
    Next to Wangfujing Street, many foreigners stay, nice hotel
  • e00407299
    This year 11 when staying of the hotel, it is located in lights mouth Street 88th,, although away from to? line walk? 5 minutes around, to? line also to 20 minutes, but away from new Dongan market, Wangfujing Street very near, out shopping very convenient, walk a few minutes Bell on to has. hotel environment hospitality, quiet comfortable, has a yard, Park has big? 0 car around of car, still not think crowded. staying is temporary decided of, at heart also is font, think is tourismPeak, not know service quality how, health status how, until has hotel, see lobby spacious bright, room inside clean health, clean, Sun sprinkled in white of sheets Shang, reflection with soft and warm of light Shi, heart think special to comfortable. room size suitable, three mouth of home staying is is also not was crowded does not apply, bed also very spacious, activities space also compared big. only insufficient is bathroom although clean, but compared small, but also also can accept. Room in intimate of set has iron and the ironing clothing Board. lobby service personnel and the floors service personnel are very enthusiastic intimate, additional of needs also get has quickly of meet, also told we don't sorry, has what requirements will as meet we, second days also intimate to to room inside sent to has fruit! hotel opposite has small supermarket, shortcut fast food, also has a celebrates Feng bun Pu, hotel door near on has a bus? 08?11 Street City West exit station, go toWangfujing Street Shi bus line on more has, has? 1?03?04, night 21, views? line,? 8 road Wangfujing junction north station. because near Wangfujing Street, travel dining are very convenient, has KFC, fast-food restaurants, also has full poly de duck, East to shun mutton, dinner Hou side appreciate Wangfujing Street night, side walking on returned to has hotel. anyway, this select Beijing family Pine Crane big hotel staying is once special wise special happy of accommodation experience?
  • dengj_l
    Very comfortable
  • Fei Lin Oo oO
    Good location, convenient
  • mm438
    Great location, just across from qingfeng buns
  • luisaluisa8866
    Hotel health clean, fully equipped, very good location, close to the Wangfujing, peripheral also has a lot of good, and overall satisfaction.
  • gguanggun
    Although high star facilities but good location around the bustling naozhongqujing price advantage so great, recommended!
  • limu100
    Other good or feeling nails a bit low!
  • argeville
    Old hotel, good, location OK, facility slightly old.
  • I coffee
    Very close to the Wangfujing Street, a supermarket opposite the hotel, very convenient, not far from the dengshikou subway, should a hotel be naozhongqujing, air conditioning is too full, hotel shower heads take it down is not easy.
  • lcyou
    Old four star hotel facilities a bit dated, but the service is very good! the most important thing is location! where is very convenient! and easy parking! free! opposite the hotel there is a shop qingfeng buns! can eat dumplings in the morning every day Oh! son love it!
  • bjliu
    Good location
  • susanlee1010
    That's good
  • cd001
    Hotel is very good, but cleaning level still needs to be improved. the breakfast is also very good, is not new. want to get more variety for breakfast.
  • JenniferRan
    Ideally, environmental health services are good, recommended